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Tattoo anyone?

Tattoo anyone?

Once considered as a trait of an outlaw or a gangster, tattoos have become an extremely popular body decoration for people around the world, of all ages and sizes. It’s not just anchors and skulls now, a tattoo has changed to more personalized versions and accustomed to ones liking. People have started to express themselves with their tattoos.

It has become a culture now to get a tattoo as a symbol of one’s experience, and struggles in life. Most of us are thinking of getting one, but before you head out to the tattoo shop, there are a few things you need to know.

What is a tattoo?

A tattoo is a puncture wound made deep into your skin with a needle that injectes ink into your skin creating a design which may be of individual interest. A tattoo is permanent, as the ink is injected not to the epidermis (the top layer of skin, which will be produced continuously and is shed throughout your lifetime) but into the dermis, the deeper layer of skin which are extremely stable and will not be shed.

Although in the golden oldies, tattoos were done by hand were the artist would puncture the skin with a needle and manually inject the ink. Now with the rise in technology, tattoo machines are used which is a handheld electric tool which uses a tube to inject ink as soon as a puncture is made with the needle.Getting a tattoo can take about 15 mins to several hours depending on the size and design chosen .

Will it hurt?

It can hurt, but the level of pain varies from people to people. Some describe it as being stung by bees multiple times, whereas some describe it to be a “tingling” sensation. It actually depends on an persons pain threshold, the ability of the tattoo artist and the exact spot on your body where you are going to get inked. Please keep in mind that a little bleeding is possible.



If u want one

Keep in mind just one thing; get it done safely in the hands of professionals. It might look like a cool big scab, but don’t forget that it is also a wound on your body that may be at risk of getting infections.

Make sure you are up to date with your immunizations and plan medical care in case a problem occurs as some may have allergies to the ink compound used.

Some signs of infection include excessive redness or tenderness around the tattoo, pus, or change in skin color around the tattoo. Also consult a doctor beforehand if you have any sort of medical problem.

Make sure that the tattoo studio you are going to is clean and safe, and all equipment used are disposable and every other equipment is sterilized. Professional studios take pride in their cleanliness. Some things to check are:

  1. Make sure they have an autoclave, which is a device they use to sterilize the components. You should be allowed to watch the sterilization process.
  2. Ask if they use one time cartridges for the ink that are disposed o after one time use.
  3. Be sure that they follow the necessary safety precautions that are to be followed according to the nation’s health care policies.

If the studio is not kept clean or if anything feels out of the ordinary, find a better place to get you tattoo.

Taking care of a tattoo

You should take utmost care of the tattoo until it fully heals. Follow all the instructions given to you by the studio for proper care and safe healing of the tattoo. Please consult a doctor if bleeding, increased pain or any sign of infections occur. As an extra safety measure:

  1. Cover it with a bandage for at least a day.
  2. Don’t touch the tattooed area.
  3. Avoid picking any scabs that ay form.
  4. Wash the tattoo with warm water, avoid using alcohol or peroxide as it may dry out the tattoo.
  5. Pat dry the tattoo with a soft towel.
  6. Apply an antibacterial ointment until it heals completely.
  7. Keep the tattoo out of the sun until it has fully healed.

A tattoo is always prone to sun rays, so avoid direct contact with sunlight and use a sunscreen if necessary. This protects the tattoo and keeps it from fading.


Is it worth the hassle?

That totally depends on ones personal interest. Some love their tattoos and keep them for life, whereas others regret as they may have acted on an impulse and didn’t think properly before getting it done. They are permanent, so choose wisely .

If you have decided to do it, just investigate and find a clean, safe and professional tattoo shop. Maintaining a tattoo requires some responsibility, it’s up to you to prevent it from getting an infection and protect it from other complications




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Tattoo anyone?