Published On: Thu, Jan 11th, 2018

SC ‘Once Again’ asks a disturbing question to those relentlessly pushing Aadhaar forward


The Aadhaar-based social security system is a kind of system, which is aimed to close the leakage happening in the channel that connects social security beneficiaries and the concerned authorities of the central government which releases the amount for the benefit of poor people.

In that sense, all those poor people who depend on the social security schemes must possess the Aadhaar cards or the unique identification number.

When the top court was hearing a case related to the lack of night shelters for the homeless in the Northern States, like Uttar Pradesh, which are at present undergoing cold climatic condition, it accidentally stepped into a question ‘is it mandatory for citizens to have a permanent address to avail Aadhaar cards or unique identification numbers’.

Shockingly, the concerned authorities replied in the affirmative, indirectly acknowledging the fact that no homeless gets the luxury of the social security benefits.

As per the latest census report, there are nearly 1.77 million homeless people in the country. All of them deserve the social security benefits.

It seems that in the coming days the national will discuss this issue more aggressively.

Anyway, such a debate was already initiated by the SC by asking ‘how do homeless people get Aadhaar, if they have no home’.


Vignesh. S. G

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SC ‘Once Again’ asks a disturbing question to those relentlessly pushing Aadhaar forward