Published On: Wed, Dec 16th, 2015

SC barred registration of diesel vehicles in Delhi  

Delhi-traffic-PTI-580x376As an effort to bring down the pollution rate, the Supreme Court of India last day barred the registration of the heavy diesel vehicles in the country’s capital. The banning of vehicles with piston capacity above 2000cc will last up to next year march.

Meanwhile, the order restricted the transportation of goods vehicles through the capital highways, and imposed heavy fines for the vehicle which carry products to Delhi. According to the order, the vehicles must remit an environment compensation charge; for trucks, it is Rs 2600; and for light vehicles, it is Rs 1400. The court directed the privet vehicles to consider the CNG fuel instead of others before next March, but now, it has not included the small vehicles in the order.

As a relief to the traffic police constables, the court directed that the union government must provide pollution mask to the field traffic constables. The court identified that the traffic constables are highly vulnerable to the pollution disease risk. The order insisted the CPCB and DPCB to enforce strict inspection on the builders. Meanwhile, the court directed the civic bodies to consider some new waste management system instead of burning the waste. However, the order is likely to inflict big fluctuation in the automobile market in the country.



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SC barred registration of diesel vehicles in Delhi