July 16, 2019
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Sakkeer Hussain Cholayil – Rahna homes- A home for comfort and safe living


Why should we buy a ‘Rahna home’?

 Quality is the prime thing that we offer. In addition to that, we assure International standard infrastructure, hospitality, customer care, and service.

Normally, it is not that easy for a builder to pursue their customer to buy a ready-to-occupy villa. How do customers respond to Rahnas homes ready-to-occupy projects?

If you fail, then you are gone. If we failed to cater a perfect home to our customers, then that entire concept is gone. When we bring our customers, we must be able to astound them. It is very risky. But, we have made it.

What is the motto of ‘Rahna homes’?

We want to become the top builder of the world. we want to try all kind of construction projects.

 What is the inspiration behind selecting this name, ‘Rahna homes’, to a young construction company?

There are two reasons. Firstly, “Rahna” means a ‘place to leave’. Secondly, it is my wife’s name.

Say few words about the company’s goal.

Our goal is not less than becoming a global company trusted by millions of peoples.

Say few words about the company’s completed projects

We started our construction business in South Africa so our first project was done there. So far, we have completed nearly five projects, including ‘Hill View Dale’, ‘the Greens’, and ‘Heaven on Earth’. Of these five projects, the ‘Heaven on Earth ‘project situated in Palakkad gains greater importance, because it is a vacation home.

What are the upcoming projects of Rahna homes?

We are planning to develop a township. In our new project, we will appreciate client’s suggestions and incorporate their requirements effectively.

What are the achievements earned by the company?

Customer satisfaction is one of the biggest awards that we clinched so far. We have over one hundred clients. We are still getting a friendly response from our customers. For a builder, it is the biggest achievement.


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