June 19, 2019
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Sakkeer Hussain Cholayil – Rahna homes- A home for comfort and safe living

Interestingly, you started your business career in South Africa, Why did you choose an African country to test your fortune?

Basically, I am a petroleum engineer. I worked in South Africa as a normal employee for nearly two or three years. Afterwards, there I got a golden opportunity to start a business.

Say few words about that project

Actually, that country was in fact in a rebuilding stage when I was there. We did the project for the oil companies. Those projects were well-planned and demand oriented. They needed European standard villas. That was a good experience.

Why did you choose Thrissur for your second construction project?

It is my hometown. I always love this place. Moreover, it is the cultural capital. When we do a project in our hometown, it will tremendously increase your confidence level.


You left your engineering profession and ended up in the construction sector. Why so?

I got an opportunity to travel nearly 140 countries. As we all know, our district’s infrastructure is not that developed. After seeing these extremely developed regions, I felt a strong urge to bringing contemporary infrastructure to our hometown.

Why did you adopt the western style of infrastructure over the traditional style in your projects?

The new generation is not interested in the traditional style of infrastructure. I know tens of thousands of people who share the same opinion. Once we achieve success, we will always try to improve the standard of living. Actually, the contemporary style is very good. It will give a class and stylish look to your living space.

Traditionally, Thrissur is a cultural city. How did they respond to the western style concept?

We got a huge positive response. We tried to merge contemporary western style with innovative ideas. That pattern of style is potential enough to gain positive response not only from Thrissur but also from the entire state.

‘Rahna homes’ prefers eco-friendly style. Why is that so?

The motive was how we could bring in nature’s beauty into our homes. We have consciously included several cross ventilation lines and deliberately preserved greenery to uphold natural beauty.

Say few words about the facility management system offered by Rahna homes.

Even after delivering the villas, our team will offer maintenance, washing, cleaning, and even pest control services.


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