November 17, 2019

Railways to eliminate ‘Ladies Only’ general coach in trains

Railway-train-3The Indian Railways have decided to eliminate the unreserved coaches for women in the long distance trains. However, the officials have determined there would be few seats in the general coaches and stickers will be pasted to identify the reserved seats.

The new setting was sampled in Trivananthapura, Chennai Mai, Kochuveli- Bengaluru trains during the first phase. Among the three general compartments in these two trains, seats from 1-30 of one the compartments been kept aside for women.
The sudden changes have made few passengers confusion, as the stickers replacement “reserved for women” appeared above the seats.

Special coaches were installed to secure the safety of women. The current system proposes questions of women safety. As the police are not around, most people decline to give away the seats to women even when it is reserved.

The ‘Ladies only’ coaches were removed from the trains using new generation LHB (Linke Hofmann Busch) coaches. It is heard that the Railways opted this new change following a shortage of coaches.  Special coach for ladies alone is not practical. Accurate security will be enabled for women passengers and operations to identify the reserved section for women in the general compartment will be considered.     

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