Published On: Wed, Jun 28th, 2017

Prime Minister Narendra Modi lands back putting an end to his ‘3 Nation tour’


Prime minister Narendra Modi’s 3 nation tour comes to an end as he Land’s back to New Delhi today early morning. His 3 nation tour started off from Portugal where he had praised the 65,000 billion Indian residing there and thanked them for the being the “real ambassadors” of Indian culture outside India. His interaction with Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa further improved India’s tie with Portugal. They announced a joint fund worth 4 millions to support research in science and technology. 11 agreements ranging sports to science were signed between the two nations. Modi presented his counterpart Antonio Costa with an overseas Indian citizenship as a gesture of gratitude keeping in mind his Indian origin.

In the second leg of his tour, his interaction with Preside Donald Trump of USA was quite a sight. Both, just like old lost friends talked on various topics and took some major decisions to curb the existing violence in the form of terrorism around the globe. An oath to strengthen the trade ties between the two nations was taken and also the participation of both nation in boosting up each other’s economy. It jointly also warned Pakistan to ensure a assurance to stop cross border terrorism.

The final destination, Netherland extended their arm in the development of Indian economy. Modi’s counterpart Mark Rutte ensured his extension to boost the economy for a common good with the help of major CEO’s who also joined them for a round table conference. Modi extended and invited the Dutch CEO’s to invest in land stating it is the land of opportunities. Both the nations signed an MOU on Cultural Cooperation, MOU on water Cooperation and an agreement on amending social security arrangement. He also addressed the Indian diaspora stating it being the seond largest in the Europe and also appreciated the kind of Indian tradition they have established in an alien land.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi lands back putting an end to his ‘3 Nation tour’