Published On: Wed, Nov 5th, 2014

Paying It Forward With a Smile

Paying It Forward With a Smile - Unique Times

Paying It Forward With a Smile – Unique Times

There’s a saying which I learned when I was younger, “love your enemies as you love your neighbours.” Every day as I browse through the news, I’ll keep coming across news about bombings happening here and there, and invasions everywhere. Now I am sure that this thought has crossed everyone’s mind, why is that when people become leaders, instead of thinking, “okay I’ll go invade this country, or I’ll bomb this country,” don’t they attempt to make peace with each other?

I am not the peace fairy, or someone who is trying to emphasize the importance spreading love, but why can’t people just learn to live with each other in peace? Every day when I wake up to look at the news, it’s always only bad news which is being published, and that of course is because that is what people want to hear. They want to know all of the things happening worldwide and most of the news is full of negativity. And have you ever thought that maybe because of all this negative news, it’ll just spoil that happiness for the day? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.

But while we are all caught up in our billion and one dilemma’s, if we take a moment to realize that somewhere out in the world, there is child who is dying, there is a family who is facing a loss, and there is someone who is suffering more than we are, we will realize how silly how problems really are. There is no need to rage out in a bit of anger at anyone else as you go through your day simply because your having an off day. There is no need to spread the unhappiness which we are facing.

Instead, if you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, though you feel like frowning, don’t just try to do this, but do it. Smile! No matter what your situation, no matter how horrible you may feel inside, just smile! And you never know, just smiling will be enough to turn your upside down day into a more delightful day. And your smile might also brighten up other’s day, because you never know, the person who is passing by you might be having the worse day possible, and just because you smiled at them while passing by, their day might have turned for the better.

When you spread your smile and happiness, you are only making other people’s day better. Even if someone starts blasting at you in office, or your boss is not exactly pleased with you, or you co worker’s just giving you a hell of a time, all you have to think is that “it will all pass!” Nothing ever stays constant, and situations will always change. It only depends on how we react to each of the situation in which we are placed in. We must learn to just keep ourselves positive and happy. And each day if we try to do something for other’s whether it’s by simply smiling, or by giving a helping hand, it will help to brighten our day as well as other’s day.

Denisha Sahadevan



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Paying It Forward With a Smile