July 21, 2019
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One more intellectual booked in connection with Bhima Koregaon case

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The tenth arrest in connection with the infamous Bhima Koregaon case has happened today. A Maharashtra based academic and writer, Anand Teltumbde, has been booked by the Pune Police. The arrest has happened shortly after a court dismissed his anticipatory bail on the grounds that the charges against him are serious in nature and there is nothing to assume that the intellectual is wrongly implicated in the case. Several intellectuals have criticised the action carried out by the Pune Police. Most of them see the action as the latest of the right-wing’s targeting of the left-wing intellectuals.

A media has reported that the police received enough evidences to prove the latest arrestee’s role in the Bhima Koregeon case.

Mr. Teltumbde is a highly respected academic. He is the holder of several prestigious awards and honours. Like most of those arrested in this case, he is not a man known to the police.

The central government and the state governments should behave a little more responsibly while dealing with these kinds of cases. There is no doubt that serious action should be taken against those trying to destabilise the country. At the same time, all necessary precautions should be followed to make sure such action does not give any wrong message to the society.


Vignesh. S. G

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