July 19, 2019
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No Freedom of Expression under Saffron regime


A latest development indicates that no one should hope for the fearless expression of his/her right to freedom of expression under the saffron regime. On a complaint filed by a senior rightist leader, a women research scholar has been booked by the Tamil Nadu police for allegedly calling the present Saffron regime as a fascist regime.

As per a report, the woman and the leader had been travelling in the same flight before they reached the Thoothukudi airport. The report adds that it was during when the leader was collecting her baggage in the airport the heated argument between them occurred.

There are allegations that though the police authorities have requested the leader to take a lenient attitude towards the lady with which she involved in the argument considering the fact that the lady is an research scholar in Canada and the case may adversely affect her future as a potential researcher, the woman leader has shown no mercy to the lady standing firmly in her position that the lady may have some connection with the extremist organisations so she must not be let scot free.

The issue has been politicised swiftly -particularly after DMK leader Stalin has come forward to support that lady, by saying that can the government send all those who criticise them and exercise their freedom of expression to prison, and by showing courage to do the same mistake for which the lady has been arrested as his way of protest to the incident.

Many noted personalities including the DMK leader have demanded the immediate release of the lady.

As per a latest report, the lady has been shifted to some medical centre after she expressed some health difficulties.

Meanwhile, there are allegations that the government has shown reluctance to register the counter-compliant submitted by the lady’s father who has alleged that his daughter has been verbally abused and threatened with death threat.

Does our democracy still boast about her pride of freedom of expression?   


Vignesh. S. G

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