Published On: Mon, Nov 9th, 2015

Nepal children’s are in real trouble: warns UNICEF….

In a statement presented before UNICEF, executive director Anthony Lake has stated that the Nepal’s children’s are facing serious ignorance. He expressed his concern over the declining food security, health facility and education to the earthquake-hit Nepal region. He further clarifies that the Madeshi group’s blockage of Indo-Nepal boarders had further aggravated the crisis. The Group is demonstrating the agitation, on borders, for a fair representation on Nepal parliament. Earlier, Lake had done a two day visit to Nepal to verify the situation. The statement is mostly reflecting the practical situation. After the devastating earth quake, most of the schools in the region are temporally closed. According to a survey report, around one million children’s are out of school.  However, the statement asserts, the current crisis puts children’s vulnerable to deadly diseases, and this is even more dangerous to the Nation’s future.

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Nepal children’s are in real trouble: warns UNICEF….