Published On: Mon, Nov 6th, 2017

Natural ways to fight ‘Asthma’


Asthma is a serious disease. Nowadays, it is a very common disease among youngsters and children. Atmosphere pollution is the prime reason for the rapid rise in asthma-related cases.

The disease is partially curable. Modern medicines help to contain this disease condition to an extent. Noteworthy, some, who are undergoing this disease condition, say that the modern treatment methods such as the use of inhalers would not help us to weed out this disease completely from our body.

So, we need a permanent solution to this issue. Are there any such solutions available? Yes! Our nature is gifted with many magical items which have the capability to give solutions to all complex health issues.

So, nature is the right place to search for the answers to the questions which our modern medical system fails to find a conclusive answer.

A natural medicine expert says that those having asthma-related issues should include onion, garlic, banana, cashews, dark chocolate, flaxseed or flaxseed oil, guava, tomato, orange, green vegetables, papaya, amla, black pepper and turmeric in their daily diet. The expert adds that avoid dairy products, junk food, processed food and, most importantly, anxiety.

Trust nature! Stay healthy!



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Natural ways to fight ‘Asthma’