May 21, 2019
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Mahima Bakshi

Mahima Bakshi- Unique Times

Mahima Bakshi- Unique Times

When it comes to acting, it has been a well sought out journey for Mahima Bakshi till she recently received the opportunity to make an appearance on the silver screen with the well known Ms. Bipasha Basu in the Bollywood’s  “Creature 3D” directed by Vikram Bhatt.  Though previously Mahima had the chance to make a small appearance in the movie “Holiday” with Akshay Kumar, India’s first creature feature film “Creature 3D,” gave her a chance to act.

 Mahima got the call to audition for the role while she was shooting for the movie “Holiday.” Director Vikram had seen her audition, and casted me for creature 3D. Though she was very nerous to work with Bipasha Aasu and Vikram Bhatt, they were both very supportive throughout and helped her to learn a lot.

 During the action sequence, there were a few challenged that were faced by Mahima such as having to imagine the creature while shooting for the killing sequence. “It was tough as the entire creature had to be imagined and the expressions had to match the reaction to a creature monster, but Vikram sir helped us a lot,” commented Mahima. A major portion of the film was shot in Ooty. The location was surrounded by a forest and walking back to the hotel room during the night after shooting a scary movie gave a bit of a good spooky scare for Mahima as they all would keep imagining and talking about the creature during the shooting. But it was all in the fun as the entire team was so friendly and they all enjoyed their time.

 Speaking on working with the “Creature 3D,” team, Mahima said that, “it has been a wonderful experience working with Vikram Sir. He is a wonderful director to work with and he’s made a film of a completely different aspect of horror category.” She also shot for a song with Bipasha Basu ” Mehboob ki” in the film sung and composed by Mithoon. As for the future, Mahima is very keen on looking to play various roles, mentioning that she “would like to do a south film if she gets a good offer.” We wish her all the best with and hope to see more of her on screen in the near future.

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