July 21, 2019

Latvia: Perfect Parkland in Europe

The Dzintari Concert Hall, one of the most popular summer music destinations, is located in this region. Interestingly, almost ninety percent of the tennis courts of this little Baltic country are situated in Jurmala.

The Brunurupucis sculpture, the inner light picture theatre, and Jurmala city museum are other important attractions of this region. And, notably, the ‘inner light picture theatre’ specifically exhibits those pictures which are drawn using fluorescent painting effects.

If you are keen to experience scenic beauty of a medieval European town, Kuldiga is a perfect option. It will serve a charm of marvellous scenic beauty and an opportunity to join several cultural events.

Geographically, the land is perfectly located near the River Venta. The valley successfully grabbed the prestigious award for the ‘Most Excellent Tourist Location’ in 2007.

The old brick bridge across the River Venta, Kuldiga’s medieval historical centre, and Aleksupite waterfalls are the prime attractions, apart from rare natural locations like the Riezupe sand caves and many more. You could enjoy cycling, horse riding, and fishing and, even, take a boat trip to explore the beauty of the river.


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