Published On: Tue, May 15th, 2018

Karnataka election result likely to give shock to Grand Old Party


The preliminary information released by the Election Commission of India indicates that the Karnataka election result is likely to give a serious shock to the ruling Grand Old Party, which has hoped to wrist the support of Kannadigas with the help of the massive welfare projects (bagyas) implemented in the state by the present Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah, and the sensitive Lingayath special status issue triggered days before the commencement of the election campaign.

As per the latest updates, the BJP either has won or is leading in at least one hundred and fourteen seats. For a simple majority, a party only needs one hundred and twelve seats in the two hundred and twenty-four seat Karnataka parliament.

If the BJP manages to turn all the leading seats into the winning seats, the party will be able to rule the state by its own.

Earlier, during the election campaign, the BJP national chief, Amit Shah, has asserted that his party will wrist at least one hundred and thirty seats in the South Indian state of Karnataka.

There were reports that the Saffron Party considers the Kannadiga state as the gate way to the south.

The Congress and JD(S), which has either won or leading in fifty-five seats and thirty-seven seats respectively, has not yet responded about the election result.

Who will become the next Chief Minister of Karnataka?


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Karnataka election result likely to give shock to Grand Old Party