Published On: Fri, Oct 7th, 2016

Is Jio a Trap?

This report is for those people who have mistakenly fallen prey to the huge offers announced by one of the biggest telecom companies. As we all know, to avail the trendy network-connection, Jio, offered by Reliance, we have to give our private details like fingerprint and Aadhar number. But, do you know? By doing so, we are unknowingly selling our personal details. The Aadhar card is going to become one of our most important documents, as the Lok Sabha has recently approved the Aadhar bill. It is said that within few years, all agencies related to the government will make Aadhar a mandatory document. It is learned that the Reliance supremo, Mukesh Ambani, invested nearly one lakh and fifty thousand crore rupees to implement this Jio brand. We can unmistakably assume that he have some huge plans. So, we must clearly think that do we really need to sell our personal details for a freebie offered by a huge communication conglomerate targeting some hidden gains. Surely, we need to put our thoughts before making a deal



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Is Jio a Trap?