January 23, 2020

Iran to break its nuclear deal with world powers

Iran has publicised its decision to defy the ‘2015 nuclear deal’, which it reached with the world powers, like the US, the UK, France and Germany.

The Iran authorities have announced its plan to increase its uranium stock, above the limit prescribed by the deal reached during the year 2015 by the country with the west.

The decision has come, in the wake of the United State’s decision to walk away from the deal and reinstate its economic sanction against Iran.

All major European countries earlier opposed the US decision to withdraw from the deal which came into force on the initiative of former US President Barack Obama.

The European powers have now also asked Iran to refrain from its attempt to increase its uranium stock above the allowed limit.

They have warned of serious consequences including the imposition of their economic sanction against Iran.

The recent imposition of the economic sanction by the US against Iran has badly affected the economy of the country, as it has prevented the access to the traditional oil customers of the country like India to the Iranian market.

The US has not yet responded against the latest provocation of Iran.

Experts see the Iranian provocation as an attempt to persuade the US to dilute its policy against Iran.

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