Published On: Mon, May 14th, 2012

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 Interior design is a science that deals with various yet related projects that involve turning an interior space into an effective setting for the range of human activities. It is also the art of transferring one’s mind to a living space. Generally the interiors directly reflect the personality, mood, behavioral patterns and tastes of the respective individual or family group.Indian Magazine
A home can be called as the shadow of heaven on earth making us feel secure and comfortable. That’s why it has always been a dream of every man to own a house. Today a house is not just about its frames and walls but about its interiors as well which has laid a heavy emphasis on designing its interiors. Hence Interior designing is no more an armature venture but a very serious profession.
Considering it as the dream of every man to own a house, the interior is the grand culmination of the dream. Few have the mercy of owning more than a house but for many it is a onetime effort and hence most of these men are apprehensive of this grand culmination. The design, layout, choice of materials, costing factors, finishes, quality, demand for skilled workmanship, procurements are few of the tasks that can be taxing. It is here precisely that the services of an interior designer will be of much use.
It might not be the most sought after profession of today but to be a designer you’ve got to be an artist and a dreamer apart from all other skills. Typically a designer is the defining point of every man’s dream and empathizes with him. Hence it requires understanding every need of the client and transferring them effectively to the living space.
Designing is also about the right balance. It is about understanding the needs of the client and not the needs of the designer. Likewise it is about educating the client in areas of ignorance. Complying with the balance can surely make the client and in turn the whole family happy and any deviation from the same will have a reciprocating effect. Interior designing is a service provider industry with the involvement of a lot of agencies and vendors and project scheduling can be a major challenge unless planned well.
For an interior designer nothing more exciting than spatial transformation be it be planning, designing or executing of new homes, renovations, interiors. The emphasis on quality, cost, deadlines and customer satisfaction can be called our strength.



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