September 18, 2019

‘Inshallah’:Sanjay Leela Bhansali to replace Salman Khan with another actor

Many reports have been doing the rounds for the couple of days after Sanjay Leela Bhansali decided to not go ahead with ‘In-shaa-Allah’. The project got kept aside because of the alleged creative differences between Salman and Sanjay. However, as per the latest update Bhansali is considering to continue with the project by replacing Salman Khan with another actor.

According to source close to the filmmaker revealed, “A massive budget has been invested in the pre-production process of ‘Inshallah’. Hence, Bhansali is planning to continue with his project without Salman Khan. The filmmaker has decided to make a few changes to the script and make the project as planned. Alia will still be a part of the film but another actor will be roped in to replace Salman.”

There are speculations of creative differences nobody knows what exactly went wrong between Salman and Bhansali. One of the reports also suggests that the filmmaker wasn’t too happy with Salman recommending Daisy Shah and Waluscha De Sousa for the film. He was forcefully asking Bhansali to cast these two actresses alongside Alia Bhatt.

Waluscha in her recent interview said” The reports of Salman suggesting my name to Sanjay are utter rubbish! I have signed up for Salman’s talent management agency but you cannot recommend anyone to Sanjay. If you know him then you will be aware of how involved and passionate he is about his casting. He picks each and every actor after putting a lot of thought into it. Even if anyone would have recommended me to him, he eventually made a decision based on his own understanding. So to imply that anyone was forcefully pushed into this project is mere hogwash!”

The film ‘Inshallah’ is an eternal love story deeply rooted in Indian culture.

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