India likely to break ties with NK, as the US demands us to do so


Marking a major shift from the Non-Aligned Movement era policy, the India government, which indulges in the export of the humanitarian aids such as the food materials and medicines to North Korea, is set to break ties with the iron curtain regime, which has been repeatedly provoking the West for the last few years with their missile tests and nuclear tests programmes, as the United States has given strict advice to the world’s largest democracy that the NAM hero should abstain from doing any kind of trade with the communist country.

The communication which arrived hours before the Japanese supremo’s visit to India has forced the country, which has no direct issues with the Korean’s angry man, to mention about the North Korea in the joint statement issued at the end of the visit.

In the statement, it has been said that the North Korean dictatorial regime should drop its disastrous nuclear and missile programmes.

There have been certain indications in the statement that India strongly believe that Pakistan helped NK to acquire the technology required to develop such a huge nuclear warhead.

It seems that the West is going to ask the assistance of Japan and India in countering the NK’s growing prominence in terms of its military capacity in the Asian region.


Vignesh. S. G

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India likely to break ties with NK, as the US demands us to do so