Published On: Mon, May 7th, 2012

How to Lose Weight While Still Eating All You Want

By Denisha Sahadevan

Indian online magazine

  There’s the low-carb diets, fruit diets, vegetable diets and the list is a never ending one if you look up the various diets online. But have you ever stopped to think if any of these diets ever prove to be effective? One week your on the fruit diet, the next your on the vegetable diet, then what’s the week after? You jump from one diet to another all the while craving for the truffle chocolate cake that you saw in the bakery while you were on your way home, or that delicious warm soft chocolate chip cookie. Don’t you ever wish that you could eat all the sweets, and the carbs you want and still keep a toned body? Well now there’s a way, with the 3-hour diet, a eurka plan developed by fitness expert Jorge Cruise where no food is banned and you are provided with all the essential nutrients from all the different food groups. Though it takes time to lose weight on this diet, you are able to eat whatever it is that your heart desires (like that delicious warm gulab jamun), KEEP the weight off, and most importantly able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and fit body.

The Workings:

 The key is to eat every 3 hours totaling up to five meanls a day and exericse! According to studies eating every 3 hours replenishes the body thus keeping it from stravation, preventing the storing up of fat in the body (which is what essentialy happens if we don’t eat of a certain time period), and keeping the metbalolism and blood sugar levels at a consistent state.
Consume your vegetables, fruits, fats, the carbohydrates, the protiens only thing is always remember to keep the quantity small, and keep your meals three hours apart. And to burn the calories consumed exericse daily whether its yoga, a quite stroll around the beach, or the hardcore workouts, exericse is another must!

The How to:

 Have your breakfast within the first hour of waking up, eat every three hours after that till you’ve had five meals in total for the day and have dinner 3 hours before you go to bed. For example if you have your breakfast at 7 a.m. then have a healthy snack three hours later at 10 a.m., then have your lunch at 1 p.m., followed by another snack at 4 p.m., ending it with a light dinner at 7 p.m. And remember to have a big healthy breakfast because it helps to your food intake for the rest of the day.

What to Eat:

 Good news! There are no banned foods in this diet. During your meals just make sure you have a healthy amount of your vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, and fat for the day. Increase the quality and reduce the quantity!

Who is it Recommanded For:

 Individuals who would like to stablize their metabolism, and keep up a healthy and nurtious lifestyle.
For further information and detailed gudiance on this diet, please visit or look for his book ‘The 3-hour Diet’ by Jorge Cruise.



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How to Lose Weight While Still Eating All You Want