Published On: Thu, Sep 1st, 2016

Historic verdict! SC delivers pro-farmer verdict on Singur issue

Wiping the tears of thousands of innocent farmers of West Bengal, the Supreme Court of India had on last day given a pro-farmer verdict on the Singur land acquisition issue. In an order announced by the senior judges, it directed the company to give the land, acquired by the company on 2006 for constructing an industrial plant, back to the farmers themselves. The court found that the company had illegally acquired the land from the farmers. It has also scrapped the pro-company verdict released by the Calcutta High court on 2008. The Tata motors issue gained so much political importance after Mamata Banerjee took the helm of the anti-plant strike on 2006 to nail the then Communist government. On December 2006, protesting the land acquisition, she organised a hunger strike, which eventually led to the closure of the plant. When she was elected as the Chief Minister of the state, her government’s first cabinet decision was to return the Singur land to farmers. She introduced the Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development bill. In 2011, the bill was cleared by the West Bengal assembly. Mamata-led TMC alleged that the then CPM-led state government had illegally given fertile land to the company. They added that it is unfair and illegal to give fertile land for an industrial purpose. The Tata motors were given nearly five-thousand acres land in Singur to build an industrial plant. Later, the company had aborted the plan and decided to develop a plant in Gujrat. Anyway, it is the victory of the farmers. The late verdict has extensively showered happiness on the faces of the affected farmers.


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Historic verdict! SC delivers pro-farmer verdict on Singur issue