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Wheat Flour – 2 ½ cup

Maida Flour – ½ cup

Sugar – 6 tablespoon

Yeast – ¼ teaspoon (dry active yeast)

Corn Flour – 2 tablespoon

Salt – to taste

Water – As required

Tutti Frutti – 3 Tablespoon

Orange Peel – 2 tablespoon ( candied)

Cherries – 5 (chopped)

Oil – 5 tablespoon


Heat the water in a deep pan. Then add a pinch of sugar and stir continuously for dissolving the sugar completely.

Then add dry active yeast. Keep it aside for 10 minutes.

Take another bowl; combine the flours with salt, sugar, tutti frutti, cherries, orange peels, corn flour. Add yeast mixture into it. Then pour oil and mix well to make smooth dough. Then coat the dough with some oil. Cover the bowl well and keep it aside for a few hours.

Take a loaf pan and grease the pan with oil. Shape the dough into a loaf. Keep this loaf pan for about 1 hour for rising the loaf again.

Bake it at 350 degrees F for 45 minutes. Then remove from the oven when still hot. Sliced the bread and serve the bread hot or cool with tea or coffee as an evening snack.




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