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Esprit Timewear launches its New Collection for the season

Esprit Timewear - Cerritos chrono blue - Rs. 8995Choose your pick from the fashionable assortment

The ever-looming patrons of Esprit Timewear can end their wait as their favored leading international Timewear brand is here with a whole new collection. Esprit started interpreting the spirit of time since 1968 and remains true to its origins today. Esprit stands for natural, relaxed styles inspired by a typically Californian zest for life.

The current trend conveys a relaxed lifestyle and has created looks and products that underscore a personal touch. The new collection encircles several variations of design with its Everyday, Business and Night Out product category. It offers a timepiece for every situation encountered in daily life. Be it work, casual or party, Esprit Timewear has the perfect ‘watch flaunt’ for you!

Everyday offers watches for a casual, daytime look. The Business category provides fashionable accessories with a classical touch, maintaining the formal atmosphere of a work environment. Just when it is time to party, Night Out is the category that offers timepieces, which have what it takes to turn night into day.  Like always, Esprit Timewear captivates with charming details and impresses with high quality production. It delivers the complete accent for every occasion!

The new collection’s variety and eccentricity is far justified by its number of 68 new timepieces for women and 37 for men. Each of these pieces exemplifies attention to detail and design language, a typical Esprit trait. Grab your pick of this fashionable, flamboyant, aberrant and yet classic collection!!

Women’s Collection:


The women wearing Starlite will want to experience the glamour of these watches with radiant crystals on their bezels the whole year round.

Particularly, when a successful evening event is waiting in the wings, these watches are the ideal accessories for a glamorous ensemble and go perfectly with any chick corporate ensemble or a glittering evening dress. Available in a variety of colours, the soft leather strap perfectly complements the elegant design. These watches are also available with stainless-steel bracelets. Starting at Rs. 8795/-

Esprit Timewear - Starlite rose gold - Rs. 9995Dolce Vita Ceramic

Esprit impressively proves that selected materials don’t have to cost a fortune. The new variants of the successful models from the previous collections, have centre bracelet links made of ceramic, a light-weight, high-quality material.  The design of Dolce Vita features 30 large, square crystals that automatically put the focus on glamour. Starting at Rs. 8995/-

Men’s Collection


Clash – a sporty multi-function watch with stainless steel case measuring 45 mm is waterproof up to 10 ATM. The finely detailed, softly rubberised surface creates a very distinctive bezel. And the ultra-soft PU strap is in perfect colour harmony with the two accentuated eyes on the dial. Clash is available in four colour variants. Starting at Rs. 8795/-

Cerritos and Cerritos Chrono

Elegant yet masculine – this is the look of the Cerritos and Cerritos Chrono models. Whether it’s the classic 3-hand date or the sporty chronograph – the details make these models authentic eye-catchers. In a 42 mm or 45 mm case, the dial steals the show with a dramatic sunray effect and sunken elements. The strap complements the perfect look and features soft leather for excellent wearing comfort. Starting at Rs. 5995/-

Modesto and Modesto Chrono

Pure elegance combined with a distinctive touch – meet the Modesto and Modesto Chrono models. The round case with a 44 mm diameter and the chiselled collars for the strap add up to a strong character. The matt dial with fine hour markings and sunken elements shows pure love to detail. And thanks to the range of trendy colours – from classic or sporty to trendy – every man will find his personal masterpiece among these models. Starting at Rs. 6495/-

Solaro – Solara

A premier for Esprit Timewear: with Solara and Solaro, Esprit is offering solar-powered watches for the first time as a pair. They are exclusively sun-powered and contain no batteries. Once completely charged, they will function without sunlight for at least five months. This enables them to make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection. And their design looks great, too. These models will be sold as his and hers watch sets. Both versions have a round case with a classical dial design. For her, Solara is available with or without crystals. Solaro for him comes with a case measuring 42 mm. The strap made of soft leather also makes a perfect impression as it elegantly wraps around every wrist.  Starting at Rs. 9495 onwards.
Esprit Timewear - Clash black - Rs. 7995


With attitude being its clear fashion statement, Esprit Timewear has become an institution within the fashion landscape since the time of its entry into the Indian Market. Esprit Timewear is known for its stylish, contemporary yet classic product range.

It is the No.1 International Fashion Timewear Brand in the world&in India. Operational for the last 12 years in India, across 450 points of sale, Esprit Timewear globally works with its international Motto: QUALITY FIRST. Its core differentiation being its exceptional quality at value for money price & high quality standards with elaborate workmanship, valuable materials and innovative designs.

Watches from Esprit have always been stylish. Esprit combines a wide assortment of materials and designs from the various lines of the Esprit Core Collection to create the perfect timepiece for every taste. Esprit watches exude Style, Elegance & Freshness. Esprit is for the male and female, who are young at heart and live & dress in style. Esprit is for those who aspire to set trends in fashion & hence we say Esprit is not an age but an attitude.

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Esprit Timewear launches its New Collection for the season