Published On: Wed, Dec 21st, 2016

ENTREPRENEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE – Invariably, it seems like everything C.J. Ajayakumar touches turn to gold.



In this edition, we have for you an eminent industrialist who had made an extraordinary success with remarkable resilience with three long decades, who splurged in Information Technology field first and then diversified into Education, Training, Software and Construction. A complete self-made man, he is nothing less than a boundless inspiration for many. His vision is to transform his life’s journey from ‘Living’ to ‘Winning’! Those who perform love what they are doing – and this man is an embodiment of that.

Meet Mr. C J Ajayakumar, who is the President of Cambridge Education Group, TechieSoft and Abba Builders, who has bagged the prestigious Middle East Business Leadership Award. In UAE, he was successfully a part of a project which developed world’s largest single petroleum/oil production platform. The entire data processing were done using Macintosh platform when there were no PCs introduced. That’s the turning point when he immersed himself into software and learned the opportunities of this industry. He continued working as an IT programming professional. He ventured into entrepreneurship with an IT hardware/sales in a considerably small shop in Abu Dhabi along with his work, which now have expanded in a much bigger scale partnering with IBM, HP, Microsoft and other international authorized partners.  Today, they provide entire have presences in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, and do turn-key IT projects. Looking at the development opportunities, company stepped into software commerce, and have signed up with a company from SanFransisco who are the developers of world’s best structural earthquake engineering software. Now the company is responsible for licensing and supporting the Clients in the  entire Middle East. All the tallest buildings in the world and large infrastructure projects are designed by these softwares. It is a very unique software suites comprising of 5 independent softwares which determines how the whole building has to sustain and oscillate etc.

How do you strategize and bring on new ideas for diversification?

Company visualizes to be the best company in the world for Technology and Knowledge in the eyes of our customers, shareholders, communities and people. We expect and demand the best we have to offer by always keeping our Group’s values top of mind. The group established in 1987. Computer, back then, looked like a very niche and unique item. However, when time goes, it is becoming a ‘supermarket item’. The market has changed drastically from back then. We moved the line then to very specialized softwares where we are the exclusive solution provider for such software suite. Started as an IT Solution Provider in the name of Memory Computers. Today the Company diversified as the most integrated organization to provide World’s best Structural & Earth Quake Engineering Software suite, Cyber security & project management solutions.




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ENTREPRENEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE – Invariably, it seems like everything C.J. Ajayakumar touches turn to gold.