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Artist Denise LaFrance once said: “Do not dissect a rainbow. In other words, do not destroy a beautiful phenomenon by over analyzing it”.

Ajith Pegasus Ravi, a famous event manager and beauty pageant organizer, strictly follows this philosophy. His famous show, International beauty contest Miss Asia, which aims to appreciate the talent and beauty of Asian&Eurasian women, is back in Kerala. This edition of the magazine gives an overview about this upcoming show.

Ajit does not want to objectify women’s body in this event. That is why he has excluded the infamous bikini round in which the women’s body is disrespectfully treated as a mere object of beauty. So the show is going to redefining beauty beyond physical to include intelligence and social conscience.

We have regular columns of V.P. Nandakumar, the Chairman & MD, Manappuram Finance and Rajesh Nair.  In Auto, our team introduces Hyundai Verna which comes as a fresh choice for those looking for a midsize sedan. Travel introduces Cocos Islands, a small group of islands located near Sri Lanka and Australia which is famous for nature’s beauty.

Here’s another fresh issue for you with plenty of articles on interesting topics like the stock market, gadgets, banking, movie review, and book review etc. And I hope you enjoy the read! 



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