Published On: Mon, Nov 23rd, 2015

EC plans to replace ‘ink bottle’ with ‘marker pen’

In a targeted plan for reforming the election, the Election Commission of India is planning to replace the ink bottle and indelible ink with the marker pen. Since 1962, we are using the bottle of indelible ink, for marking on the voting finger in order to check the election-forgery. The national-wide demand of youth voters has compelled the authorities to consider the reformation. Embracing the advanced reform, some former election officers claim that the pen will be rather easier to transport than the bottle and ink. Last year, Afghanistan elections had successfully appraised the pen-marker reformation, and had managed to grab a warm welcome. Mysore Paint Company, undertaken by Karnataka government, is going to supply the marker pens for the proposed elections. The company had successfully used their product in numerous foreign elections, including the last Afghan-election.  Earlier, there were allegations that the election officers were not properly using the ink, and there were enough room for the malpractices. Recently, a government order instructed that the election officers should properly apply the ink, and it should be long and clear. The ink practice was initially implemented on late 1962 by election commission, in union with central government and some other agencies.


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EC plans to replace ‘ink bottle’ with ‘marker pen’