Published On: Tue, Apr 10th, 2018

Dramatic drop in complaints received by CVC triggers serious suspicion


The Central Vigilance Commission is the most powerful government body created to address the highly disastrous issue of corruption.

Since its inception, the agency has been dedicatedly working to weed out all kinds of corruptions from the government system and to prevent the infiltration of this disastrous element into the system, which is supposed to work relentlessly for the people.

It seems that the power of the CVC has been considerably reduced lately. The truth that the total number of complaints received by the CVC in the year 2017 is far less than what it received in the year 2016 gives enough reason for the public to pay heed to the aforementioned argument.

In the year 2017, the CVC, according to a report, only received over twenty three thousand complaints.

Notably, in the year 2016, the constitutional agency, which is dedicated to act against corruption, received more than fifty thousand complaints.

Though the government sources have justified the sudden drop in the total number of complaints filed in the CVC citing the fact that the newly installed system for weeding out duplication might have considerably reduced the duplicate complaints, some activists have alleged that the loss of trust among the public in the CVC due to the inefficacy of the agency might be the reason for the dramatic fall in the total number of complaints.



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Dramatic drop in complaints received by CVC triggers serious suspicion