Published On: Sun, Nov 8th, 2015

Do we really need Aadhar?

Recently, in a statement, the Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has strongly demanded an earlier implementation of Aadhar; rising a surprise element, immediately after the pioneer statement, the similar opinion is shared by our RBI Governor. The Arun Jaitley’s statement has termed the recent Supreme Court order, which curtailed the government policy on Aadhar, as an unfortunate order. Calling Aadhar a widely accepted policy, he questions the judiciaries’ role in the government’s policy matters. Admitting the government’s plan to present the draft on Aadhar, he revels that government is considering several methods to overcome the crisis; which include, the legislature presentation and counter petitions. Meanwhile, without blindly backing the government policy, the RBI Governor expresses a similar opinion on the Aadhar issue. He clams the policy will be a useful insertion to the banking sector. By mentioning the credit history, he asserts the bank will feel more comfortable to lend money after the implementation of the Aadhar number.   However, it seems the government and the Supreme Court are sharing a different view on the Aadhar card; until the powerhouses reaches a fine conclusion, this card will create more confusions in the common people.

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Do we really need Aadhar?