December 10, 2019
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DMK-Congress-Leftists alliance to take on AIADMK-BJP-PMK alliance in General Election

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A day after the AIADMK, BJP and the PMK formally completed their alliance talk, the DMK, Congress and the leftists, including the CPI (M) and CPI, have agreed to join together against the AIADMK-BJP-PMK alliance.

The Congress and the DMK are expected to formally announce their seat sharing agreement with each other today or in few days.

A source says that the Congress is likely to get as many as ten seats in the region, including the lone seat in Puducherry.

At this moment, it remains unclear how many seats will be earmarked to the leftists by the DMK and Congress led alliance. Until now, no formal discussion has been conduction with the leftists over the subject of seat sharing.

There are rumours that the alliance is not willing to give anything more than five seats to the leftists. The leftist political parties are not a significant force in the state. But, they can influence the electoral outcome of some seats in the region.

For the DMK-Congress-Leftists alliance, the upcoming election is very crucial. None of the members of the alliance have a parliament sitting seat in the region. If it manages to make at least one with the help of the alliance, it will be perceived as its victory.    


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