April 20, 2019


Determination and perseverance can bring you closer to your goals. Resilience
in your emotions are essentials. Intellectual repair will get to you, your ability
to analyse and process and to assess the data. The information that you collect,
need to be sieved and filtered. The estimates must be specific, accurate and
precise. Now, you can move closer to accomplishment. But there are deterrents
to get you near to your achievements.
If in case, you are at a group function or a picnic or a party, and then the next
day, your friend send to you few group photographs. Pictures in which, about
ten members of the picnic are featuring. In the first glimpse and glance, why is
your eyes searching to locate your own face among the group, so that your eyes
are fixed on your own face and photo among others. Have you noticed that you
almost avoid looking at the other people in detail? Why this bias that you want
to discover only your photo and disinterested in the way that others are
looking? And then you may start to make comparison among four or five of
others, between those people. Is it a matter of your selfishness? So what are the
All people are desperately seeking resources. Are you not wanting to access
more resources? Now, let me illustrate two situations. In one case, you have
severe dislike about few other people. You have decided not to transact with
them because these people, did let you down sometime in the past. You may
even be nurturing some hatred towards them. So, absolutely deleted all
communications with these people. But the consequences are there. These
people have most of the resources that you need. You can see that the wealth
and business that you want, are with those people whom you dislike. So if you
are fixed on the idea that you will indulge, only with those whom you like, then
in effect you are not accessing the resources.
There is another case, we can call it as the case two. There are places and
people who accept you with all your weaknesses and errors. But there are many
houses, companies and people who has potential to reject you. Being exposed
to an experience that you are rejected, is painful to some people. So to avoid
that pain, you simply decide not to knock on those doors. But then, those
people who you perceive as they may reject you, such people also has all the
resources that you want.
Then, by what method can you establish a pipeline or a funnel for resources to
flow to you from the other side? How to make the bridge to minimise the gaps
and divisions? So here is a solution. You have to disrupt your fixation on your
likes and attachments to favourable situations. Other people are assessing you
too. But do not worry about the way, that others are rating and grading you.
Your ranking about you, in their minds and eyes can be distorted. That what
they think about you, can change at anytime. They will generate, must
suggestions and advices that are contrary to your beliefs. But if you are
principled on your flexibility and you will respect resources, then you will
extend to transact with the other side. You have to work to expand your mind
set so as to delete adversaries and hostilities. Then is the evidence of your
friendliness and leadership. You will generate harmony in your transaction.
You will then get tranquility, while you broadbase your reach and influence.
Abundance comes to you only when you work to bring people together. Get the
skill to gather many strangers. Organise them and do reach out programs. This
exercise to overcome the fear of other’s opinion about you, need stamina. You
get that strength when you are committed to do the reach out. Enroll
resourceful people into working with you for your cause.
So identify your fixations on your personal selfishness, individual goals and
private concerns. Graduate out of these immaturity and arrive at the
possibilities, for social care. Collective benefits to more number of people in
your society will get you gifts and resources. These are possibilities of social
rewards. Make a list of your ambitions. Make another list of your aspirations.
These are two distinct methods of pursuits. Generate a third list of hostilities
and obstacles that can obstruct your journey. It is important to articulate your
aspirations correctly. To be able to focus on your goals, then you must
neutralize and eliminate the distractions and deterrents. So, here the skill is to
identify these diversions. Everytime that you are darting to your destinations,
then some troubles and problems will arrive. These disturbances and
disruptions has an objective. To derail and demolish your success. Then you
have to learn to dodge these attack on you in the thought level. It is in your
mind that these parasite thoughts will pop up. Your intentions and plans are
the host thoughts. But then, one third portion of your mind has a store house.
It has many and much stagnating thoughts. These are contra and countering
your forward progress.
These thoughts are in contrast and against your original ideas. I call your
original ideas as the host thoughts. The thoughts that work to defeat you, are
the parasite thoughts. These parasite thoughts are also incubated inside a
chamber in your mind. And you may call this as the Contrast Chamber. Every
time that you get an actionable bright idea, and that you want to execute, but a
parasite thought will pop out. These parasite thoughts inside the contrast
chambers are also nourished by your host ideas. Now your effort and exertion
is needed, to be able to recycle these parasites thoughts. In the process of
recycling, you retrieve and reclaim your energies. And then absorb the recycled
and resultant thought energy, back to the host thoughts. Then you have a
powerful and laser sharp progress towards achieving your plans.
A one pointed focus with no other leak of energy gives you total visibility of the
target that you want to procure. There is the possibility that you can
accumulate as much resources that you want and need, by these four methods.
One was, that you dilute your fixations on doing only what you like to do.
Second, is that you begin to knock on those doors that may even reject you.
Third is when you are not afraid of other people, allotting marking for your
performance. That you are not confined by other people examining your
outputs. And the fourth is, when your ideas, imagination and actions are
totally devoid of parasite thoughts. That you are free to channel all your
energies with much vigor and vitality. One pointed focus alone will work, to
ensure that you have achievements and accomplishments.
If you are fragile, then you cannot tear into the walls and obstructions. Some
breathing techniques and specific meditations, can get you the endurance.
Your durability in transacting with people of all diversity and variety is an
enriching experience. Learn to generate resources and construct the good
future. Start your act and practicality, at the earliest. This is the correct time to
actualize your aspirations.

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