December 10, 2019
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Commentary: The fall of B Tech

The B Tech course was once the most popular course after the medicine courses. A couple of years ago, it was very difficult to get a seat in this course. The B Tech aspirants used to spend lakhs in this course.

Now, the reality is different. Actually, the present reality is far different from the past. This generation may not believe the past reality. They may dismiss it as an exaggerated joke.

What has actually happened to the course? In reality, what has happened to the B Tech course is nothing more than natural. It is a well know fact that the value of a product decreases if its production exceeds its actual demand. It is simple economics. Neither those invested in the engineering colleges nor those approved these colleges have evaluated the actual demand for this course in the country.

Last day, two engineering colleges were closed down in Karnataka due to lack of funds. That was not an independent incident. Recently, closure notices were served to several engineering colleges across the country which consistently showed poor intake record.

It is not too late. The concerned should identify what has gone wrong, where they have failed, and why they have not succeeded. The real culprit is the selfish quest for profit.

The present generation does not approve the sale of knowledge. They think that it is the duty of their government to create facility for the improvement of their talents.

This generation wants their government to increase its spending on education. The increase in the spending on education means the decrease in the opportunity for the exploitation of the sector for mere profit.

Do you know what this year’s budget allocation for education is? Do you know what the last year’s is? You should know!!!

Vignesh. S. G
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