Published On: Fri, Nov 6th, 2015

China invites Indian to South China ‘Dispute’ sea…..

Amidst mounting tension on the south sea, China invites Indian role in the South China Sea to safeguard peace in the region. The the US involvement in the Chinese occupied artificial island on the SCS had tested the temper of the China. Followed by that, Beijing warned Washington about dare consequences. Some Asian counters, which have numerous Island in the disputed sea zone, are demanding a change from Chinas big-brother role in the South China Sea. Meanwhile, demanding the maritime security, the ASEAN plus, a committee of defense ministers, expects an earlier action to sort out the issue. Spiking all speculations, The Chinese authorities asserts that the dispute will not affect cargo service and energy transport.  However, it seems, China has a serious concern over ‘India’s new energy deal’ with Vietnam. Recently, New Delhi inked an oil exploration deal with Vietnam. However, the China claims that the particular ‘Vietnam-oil exploration’ regain is actually a dispute zone.

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China invites Indian to South China ‘Dispute’ sea…..