April 20, 2019
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Young Indian boy from The UAE invents Robots to protect Marine Life and Aid farmers

We came across a generation where people destroy the planet by trashing waste and spill oil into the ocean along with their own acts and facts. However, young minds are distinctive and proving to fix what is left of the earth. In recent times, we came across stories of a school going student protesting against […]Continue Reading
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Google Photos to let users take clearer scan pictures of documents

Google photos are soon launching a new  ‘Crop & adjust’ feature. Which means it allows users to crop the scan photos of documents to remove backgrounds and cut edges. The new option is rolling out for Android users this week, Google Photos tweeted. The feature will reportedly allow the new choice automatically on recognising photos […]Continue Reading
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India enters exclusive hub of space super powers with ‘Mission Shakti’

It is a proud moment. Indian has entered an exclusive hub of space super powers with the help of ‘Mission Shakti’ –the mission the country has successfully completed by demonstrating its capability to strike satellites with missiles. Apart from India, only three other countries possess this capability. They are Russia, China and the United States. […]Continue Reading
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Delhi Police get hi-tech mobile control room

Delhi Police get hi-tech mobile control room for emergency situations. The bus is first of its kind, bus worth ₹3.7 crore. The Delhi police have begun mobile command and control centre vehicle to help the brass of multiple security agencies to deliver decisions in case of emergency. The vehicle will be of immense advantage during […]Continue Reading
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cVIGIL likely to play active role in reducing MCC violations

A mobile app developed by the Election Commission of India to prevent the violation of Model Code of Conduct, cVIGIL, is likely to play vital role in this election season. The application, available for free in the Google app store, is a fast-track election-related complaint reception and redressel mobile application. The application indirectly entrusts the […]Continue Reading
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Microsoft India’s Second Accessibility Summit 

The two-day Accessibility Summit, organised by Microsoft India in partnership with the National Association of the Deaf and National Centre for Promotion of Employment of Disabled people (NCPEPD). Empowering for Inclusion, saw various stakeholders united together on one platform to speak about inclusive technologies accessibility standards, highlight assistive technology Continue Reading

India’s Pride – Gaganyaan

  Gaganyaan, the Indian crewed orbital spacecraft is expected to reach the space by 2022. Gaganyan is India’s first human space mission.  K Sivan, the Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) said that two unmanned missions will be conducted before the Gaganyan mission, within 30 months and 36 months respectively.  “We want Continue Reading