Published On: Thu, Jan 7th, 2016

Briton seeks German’s help to avoid Brexit

david cameron

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has visited Germany and requested their help to avoid a Brexit. Briton had recently suggested some hard-reformation to the European Union; and the country needs to pass the suggestions in order to stay in the union. Reports say that the UK government will hold a referendum on the late 2017 to check the citizen’s decision. Experts claim that the citizens would most probably disagree to any possibility of a Brexit because they could not spoil the freedom. Media reported that the UK is trying to negotiate with the German government in the latest German-visit by Cameron to ensure the support. While talking with the German Medias, Cameron conforms that he is trying to negotiate the changes. It will be helpful to both European Union and UK, he assures.Meanwhile, he admits that Germans help is inevitable to sort out the British concerns.

Earlier, the United Kingdom expressed that the country had some concerns about the political integrations and the economic decisions of some EU member-countries, which is using the Euro. Reports say that the UK is trying to impose some restrictions on the EU migrants. It seems that the EU migrants will not get any benefits for their first four years if the restrictions come into force. Experts claim that the Briton’s restriction would inflict a deep injury on the freedom of the European Union citizens. Cameron said that we cannot demand something without contributing to it. However, the Germans will most likely support the British reformations; but, most probably, they will make a good negotiation. Meanwhile, Cameron is planning to visit Hungary on his way back to Briton.


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Briton seeks German’s help to avoid Brexit