Published On: Thu, Jul 9th, 2015

Bank closures extended by Greece

Unique Times-Bank closures extended by Greece

Unique Times-Bank closures extended by Greece

The Greek government has made an extension in the bank closures and also on the daily limit ATM withdrawals to 60 Euros till Monday. The Greek Prime Minister has declared that the country needs an agenda for growth. This decision was being made on 28th June since there was seen a rush in the withdrawals. The European Central Banks have decided not to increase the support for the Greek banks till the debt crisis gets resolved. Alexis Tsipras had said that he is looking forward to submit reforms plans on Thursday. The emergency summit will involve 28 European Union members. Donald Tusk, the European Council President has stated this situation as the most critical moment in the history of the euro zone. And also stated that the final deadline will end by this week. Greece’s last international bailout program expired on 30th June and it missed an international Monetary Fund payback.



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Bank closures extended by Greece