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Online fashion magazineThis month’s discussion is on Ayurveda’s role in dealing with life threatening diseases. Although there are many life threatening diseases, two among them calls for special attention. They are Cancer and AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). The following is a glimpse into the possibilities of dealing with these diseases.

W.H.O’s target to win over these diseases has just 5 years left. Many diseases thought to have been eradicated are coming back with added vigor. Besides, diseases like AIDS and EBOLA have emerged causing fear among the public and healthcare workers. Although scientists all over the globe are working day and night to find a permanent cure, W.H.O’s target seems unachievable in the near future.

Everyone getting access to a doctor and a couple of nurses are not guaranteed health. Only a treatment system that views the human body as a combination of one mind and a soul will be able to find a solution to such acute health problems. The Ayurveda system of treatment is capable of providing health and longevity for all. Unfortunately, what it now lacks is the full support of the government for it to reach higher levels treatment capabilities.


Cancer is uncontrolled cell division within the body which eventually forms a tumor that does not manifest pain or other symptoms in the early stages. Such tumor gets hidden in the fat tissues. It thus becomes difficult to be detected in the early stages of its formation. Consequently the treatment for a cure is rather difficult in the latent stages.

Cancer can strike at any part of the body, both inside or outside. Common places affected are mouth, tongue, esophagus, lungs, liver, the large intestine, brain, ear, nose, rectum etc. Women are also vulnerable to breast and uterus cancer. Modern medicine calls it cancer, but has failed to accurately pinpoint the root causes. This is the reason for effective medicine being rare.

Ayurveda masters had a clear understanding of the complexity and toughness of this disease hundreds of years back. They have divided it into six groups. They are Vathajam, Pithajam, Kabhajam, Rakathajam, Mamsajam and Medhajam. Masters have made it clear that out of this six, Rakthajam and Mamsajam oriented cancers are virtually difficult to cure completely, while the other four could be treated to improve the condition. The symptoms are manifested in the glands of the patient. Treatments depend on the studies and observations of the glands.

Cancer patients and their family members usually ask a common question. What is the reason for the cancer? There is no simple answer or explanation for this. As a consequence of today’s fast and unnatural modern life style, we are exposed to various chemicals, Hepatitis B virus, AIDS virus, X-Ray radiation and other types of milder radiations like TV. Even the inappropriate administration of cancer medication also could worsen the condition with various side effects. The aggravated condition may not be solely due to the medicine factor. It could also be an eventuality resulting from the combination of multiple factors. Casual habits like use of alcohol and smoking increase the risk factor for developing cancer many fold. Smoking as well as the use of tobacco for chewing is perhaps the biggest risk factor. If the majority refrains from the use of these dangerous products it would reduce the incidence of cancer by almost fifty percent. Such awareness should be spread and strengthened. The most effective tool could be awareness education starting as early as the primary school.


In the first stage, treatment for rheumatism caused by indigestion could be helpful. Along with this, medicines that balance the Vatha and Kabha conditions in the body may also be used. Ayurveda masters have recommended the use of the following based on the specific cancer. Varanadhiganam Kashayam, Punarnnavadhi Kashayam, Kakolyadhi Kashayam, Guguluthikthakam Kashayam,  Patavaladhi Kashayam, Bruhuthyadhi-hrudham, Guguluthikthaka grudham, Kashayam, Rasagandhi wax, Rasasindhooram, Rasakarpoora Bhasmam, Kanjanaraguggulu, Thrufaladhi Vatakam, Bruhathyogarajagugglu, Amruthadhimandhooram, Sivagulika, Sidhamakaradwajam Gulika, Nithyakalyanibhasmam dhravakam etc.

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

Just like cancer, AIDS mature to its damaging phase slowly, making the success of its treatment quite bleak at a latent stage. Fortunately for high risk patients or for patients who are in doubt, the infection can be confirmed at an early stage by doing the HIV and Western Blot tests. Loosing immunity without any reason could be due to AIDS infection. People leading an irresponsible lifestyle engaging in unsafe sexual conducts with multiple partners and intravenous drug users are predominantly vulnerable to HIV infection.


The treatment in Ayurveda for ‘Vitality Deficiency’ should help AIDS patients, as well. According to Ayurveda masters vitality should be an essential condition and aim of a person’s life and the contributing factor for it is good health. Diseases are enemies of health. Consequently, they are also enemies of vitality and life itself.


Remember that the science of Ayurveda has been developed through the intense search to subdue diseases the natural way. The Rasayana’s and other Ayurveda treatments are all formulated to sustain health and longevity.

Rasayanam treatment methods are formulated to give complete vitality to all parts of the human body. There are two types of Rasayana treatments. For the healthy, there is Rasayanam to attain absolute vitality, and for the sick, it is to defeat the disease. Vitality is a fundamental requirement for full potency. It creates the aura, which is the result of the entire supply of essential minerals required for the human body. A body with complete mineral supplementation becomes potent with vitality and no disease causing germs will be able to overpower such a body. Even modern medicine accepts the fact that only a body lacking vitality can be susceptible to diseases.

With continuous research, Ayurvedic system of treatment can develop Rasayanas and other energy boosting medicines. It will then be possible to control the HIV to a level where it can arrest secondary conditions like dysentery, lack of appetite, fever, loss of weight, enlarged glands, mental imbalance, memory loss etc. Such a ‘pro host therapy’ could help HIV patients to live in the society with dignity and less dependency.

Companies like Amala and Nupal Remedies have already taken steps to make this a reality and shed new light on this well-deserved cause.


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There are numerous efforts in place at different parts of this country to subdue this fierce disease through the use of natural remedies. Let us hope and pray that these efforts will bring results in the very near future. Meanwhile, all of us who are dedicated to this mission request the entities that come across as experts and claim the sole monopoly on medicine, to be less discouraging to our efforts.


Vaidya Vachaspathi N.K Padmanabhan  Vaidyar

Nupal Remedies



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