Published On: Fri, Sep 29th, 2017

Attack on inter-religious couples on rise


In one of the latest incident of the ‘saffron’ hooliganism, the marriage of a young couple has been violently disrupted by an aggressive right-wing organisation, named Bajrang Dal.

The Hindu women, who have later, in contrarily to what her uncle said in the police complaint which he filed soon after the girl had eloped with her Muslim lover, testified in the court that she was not abducted by anyone, has been allowed to go with her lover as the court has identified that the women committed the act with her own volition.

This is not the first time the saffron goons are committing such an irresponsible act of violence.

In the recent past, the workers of another right-wing organisation, Sangh Parivar, attempted to attack an inter-religious couple in the Uttar Pradesh.

The media reports indicate that the attack against the inter-religious couples is on the rise.

The marriage is a personal matter. For getting into a marriage bond, the will of the boy and girl, who engage in such a bond, is one and only requisite element. The Indian constitution allows anyone, who has attained the marriageable age, to enter this divine bond.

Is it right to give a dangerous colour of ‘Love Jihad’ to each and every Hindu-Muslim marriage?


Vignesh. S. G

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Attack on inter-religious couples on rise