Published On: Mon, Aug 20th, 2012

Ask the Beauty Expert?

How can I tighten sagging skin on my face?

Good question with a cost-effective answer: egg whites. Whip up an egg white and brush on face. Let dry 15-20 minutes. Spritz on water to soften and then wash off. I would suggest getting a couple of ice cubes, and with circular motions, rub the ice cubes all over your face. You will be refreshed and look like you had an expensive facial procedure. Follow with a good moisturizer.

Q. Can permanent tattoos cause skin cancer? If I am preparing for an occasion, when should I get a permanent tattoo done?

No, skin cancer is not linked to tattooing. Cheap inks, however, may cause allergic reactions or dermatitis. And reused needles may transmit blood borne diseases like HIV or Hepatitis B. So choose your tattoo artist with care. A tattoo takes about two weeks to heal. Remember that when you gear up for an event. Also keep in mind that you can’t swim, gym, expose yourself to direct sunlight or apply soap during that period. Make sure you follow other care instructions given by your tattoo artist.

Q. Can hair colour cause premature greying?

If you have a tendency to grey, then hair colour may trigger further greying, but not otherwise. Bad quality hair colour may damage your hair, so choose good quality, ammonia-free ones that are safe and effective. These leave your hair looking shiny and healthy.



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Ask the Beauty Expert?