August 18, 2019
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Are children safe in their homes

Are children safe in their homes? It is a serious question. Home is considered as the safest place for children. It is where they get the care and support from their family –the element necessary to ensure the positive development of children.

Unfortunately, some individual incidents happened in the Indian state of Kerala in the near past prompt us to bring the question back to the forefront of the society. Are children safe in their homes?

Few days after a brutal child torture incident severely jolted the minds of the people of Kerala, another similar incident has been reported from the state. A 3-year-old boy has succumbed to his injuries, which were allegedly inflicted by his parents. A murder case has been charged against his mother. The police have not yet ascertained the role played by his father in the brutal murder.

Though the parents have admitted of punishing the child with severe punishments, they have denied any involvement in the death of their child.

When the child was initially admitted to the hospital, his parents informed the hospital authorities that their child fell from an 8-feet-high slab situated in their kitchen.  

The police was originally alerted by the hospital authorities who found the narrative given by the parents unbelievable.

The parents are said to be from some northern state. Parallel to the present investigation into the murder, another investigation has also been launched to ascertain the whereabouts of the parents.

An expert committee should be formed to verify why these kinds of incidents repeat in the state and what can be done to present the repetition of such unjustifiable incidents.

The children are in danger means the future generation is in danger. It is high time to act.

Vignesh. S. G
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