February 23, 2020

Andorra: a blessed principality known for mesmerising sky resorts

Travellers love hill stations. These regions which are normally situated above the sea level possess an exceptional climate. Is there anyone who hates cool and moist climatic conditions? It is fact that everyone especially travellers fall for good climate and calm atmosphere. Notably, these two qualities are something Andorra -the independent principality situated between France and Spain- extensively possesses. This mountainous nation is also popular for its sky resorts and its adorable natural beauty. Over these years, this principality has emerged as the most popular tourist destination in Europe.

Unlike other European countries, this small nation is not a member of European Union and is ruled by the diarchy system in which the nation has two princes. It is an interesting fact to note that the President of France is one of its princes and the other prince is the Roman Catholic Bishop of Urgell in Spain. The country has a complicated political system in which the elected councilors hold enormous powers even if the nation’s ultimate power rests with the executive officer. Fortunately, the nation is less populated and is least vulnerable to the political disturbance and crimes. Andorrans are extremely friendly and they love to talk and express. Most of them depend on the tourist sector for their livelihood. They speak Spanish, French and even Portuguese, even though their official language is Catalan. Unfortunately, the country is not financially stable due to the lack of proper economic resources. However, in the recent times, it is showing some minute positive sign of economic revival as a result of the tremendous growth of its tourism sector.

This country, which is the sixth smallest nation in the European region, is one of the least populous countries in the region. Its total population is around 85,000 and its total area is approximately 181 sq mi.

Noteworthy, the principality does not have a proper army but it is the member of the United Nations, which assures a certain kind of protection to their member countries.


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