February 25, 2020

Ravishing belle from god’s own country; Interview with Archana Ravi

7. What were the major challenges you faced when you came to this industry?

The competition itself is challenging because you are surrounded by beautiful and talented people. Not just in beauty pageants of course, entering the industry itself is highly dependent on how talented or hardworking you are. Earlier recommendations could help your way in, it doesn’t work anymore these days. Also, there isn’t much of casting couches recently and there are many aspiring actors out there. There’s plenty of competition and only the best person or the most hardworking person will thrive.

8. What advice would you offer to those who would like to enter this industry?

If you have a dream and if you are determined about it, then definitely go for it. It doesn’t matter how you look, what your tone is, no matter your experience, what matters is confidence how much you put yourself into it. Always think that you can. One thing all should remember is that hard-work is very important because of the competition and related intensity. So work hard and live your dreams.

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