February 25, 2020

Ravishing belle from god’s own country; Interview with Archana Ravi

3. What was the process of preparation?

Our grooming was done by Valentina Mishra. We did not have any personal trainers. We were taught the basics on how to walk, talk and on how to be yourself. Ajit sir, owner of Pegasus helped us well. We were lucky to have a session with Dr Roy C.J, it was a dream come true. There was no partiality towards anyone in anyway. They respected and appreciated our talents and thus we hoped for the best.

4. What is your passion? What are your aspirations?

My dream is to be an actress and I am also into anchoring. I have done events and TV programs.  My ultimate dream or aspiration is to represent India in Miss Asia.

5. Are you interested in social issues and related causes? 

Of course I would like to. I am very much interested but I want to do it without publicizing and focus on the issue.

6. What are the type of work would you like to do in modelling or film industry?

I am more comfortable in doing print photo shoot. More than modelling or doing TV ads I want to see myself be a successful actress and do good films. I want to memorable roles, the ones I will proud of when I look back few years from now. Just waiting for the right thing to come.


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