August 23, 2019
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AAP crisis triggers a strong question

While analyzing the latest political developments in the state capital, a strong question is disturbing the mind of an average political observer: whether the AAP government, which has recently fallen into the clutches of a huge corruption scandal that has been triggered and publicized by its own member, is trying to defend its image tainted by the allegation with the national protest claiming that the EVM is vulnerable to external interference and alleging that the EVM machines used in the recent election in the state assemblies and Delhi Municipal Corporations has been subjected to external involvement. Recently, Kapil Mishra, the former AAP minister who was dismissed by the party, has triggered serious corruption allegations against Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and Delhi Minister Satyendar Jain, who are the two prominent leaders of the AAP party which came into power utilising a national wide anti-corruption campaign. It is said that Mishra is likely to submit some undeniable proofs before the Anti-Corruption Bureau proving the authenticity of the allegation raised by him against his own party’s senior members.At the same time, it is learned that the AAP is going to come forward with more evidence in order to prove the authenticity of its argument that anyone having good software knowledge can tamper with the EVMs. It is notable that the experts are still advocating their opinion that no one can tamper with the EVM software and the machine is not vulnerable to any external threat as it is not connected to any external network and it functions with the help of inbuilt software which cannot be modified or altered.


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