December 10, 2019

A visionary jeweller – SunilKumar A M and SudheeshKumar AM, Goodwin Jewellers


In this changing world, it is necessary to have some visionary businessmen. The jewellery business has always been extremely vulnerable to the rapid economic changes. Only a visionary businessman can lead it effectively. It is an honour to introduce Sunil Kumar A M and Sudheesh Kumar AM, two businessmen who can be termed as visionary businessmen. Their brand, GoodWin, is now the household name. Apart from their core business, jewellery wholesale and retail, they have business in security installations and properly development sectors.

What is the rationale behind selecting the name, Goodwin, as the name of your business empire?

It was during my upper primary education days, I came across this term. One day our principal came to our class and gave an inspiring lecture on this term. Since that day, I started nourishing a dream of creating a business empire and giving the name ‘Goodwin’ to our business empire.

Who is your role model?

It is not fair to think in a way that a role model is necessary to do business fairly. Sometimes, once experience can be his role model.

What are the major difficulties that you faced during the earlier stages of the business?

According to our view, the troubles or hurdles which come across the career or business are not a big deal. We are confident enough to overcome any kind of hurdle come across our way. We consider it as a medicine enabling our brain to work more smarter.18035504_1661617550800651_954293464_n

Why diversification is important in building a stable business empire?

Diversification is a good practice. It is always good to do a different business along with your core business. But, before getting into a new business, one should learn its pros and cons thoroughly.

Our core business is the jewellery business. Along with our core business, we do business in sectors like the security equipment installations and developers.

What are the vision and goal of this empire?

Currently, our company’s turnover is 340 cores. We aim to active a turnover of 1000 crores by 2020. In addition to that, we plan to take it further into 2000 cores by 2022. We follow a kind of planned growth process. Whatever we have envisaged during the year 2012 is flawlessly being implemented now.

Did your company receive any external capital fund or private equities?

No, we have not yet entertained any private capital offers. We fear that the external party’s involvement might spoil our freedom.

Does your company wish to explore the potential of IPO? Why?

Yes. We consider it as a service. If we accept the money of public, we will give them profit and are responsible for doing that. We are a trustworthy and credible brand so people will find it safe to invest in this brand.

What are the strength and weakness of Goodwin?

Our staff members are our strength. We treat them as our family members.We have no weakness. But, when it comes to some small problems, sometimes the director board take some emotional stand and give some emotionally motivated statements.


Say few words about the activities of Goodwin Charitable Trust and company’s Corporate Social Responsibility sector.

Whatever business we do and how much profit we gain, the ultimate satisfaction lies in the charity work that we opt to do voluntarily and selflessly.

How optimistic are you about the future? What are the future expansion plans of the company?

We believe that we are all employees and God is the sole owner of everything so he is one who can decide the future. We honestly do our duty by working hard. We have a sound expansion plan. We plan to unveil nearly 25 new showrooms in the near future. We are getting good support from the people.

What is more important, on your point of view? family or money

Both of them are equally important. But, the family is the core factor. It is necessary to have a supportive and caring family in order to run the business effectively.

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