Published On: Mon, Jan 21st, 2013

A lot of business can happen over a cup of coffee

coffeeIndia was known as the country of tea lovers, but of late coffee lovers are growing in number, thanks to new lounges and cafeterias which serve varieties of Coffee. The coffee culture is much prevalent among the young generation. Students and young professionals throng coffee outlets and spend their free time in the company of their friends. The coffee market is worth more than USD 230 million and as per industry experts, by 2017, the market will be around USD 410. Starting a coffee chain may be the best decision you can now make. As the disposable income in the hands of young generation increases, the more will they spend on.

There are several factors which drive the coffee business ahead. First of all the enhanced purchasing power of Indians over the recent years and most of the families go out especially the young ones. The new generation of India, do not bother to spend some extra money for an expensive coffee from an expensive outlet. Coffee shops also become points of social gathering, especially for the techie young generation, free Wi fi and similar connectivity options make these places quite attractive.

Apart from social meetings entrepreneurs and businessmen find it attractive to sit in coffee outlets and discuss business. These outlets help them to get a meeting place, with all facilities at a rather small price point. Consider the cost of renting a place and two cups of coffee. These people find this ideal place to meet and finalize a deal.

The franchise model helps the brand owners to spread their brand far and wide. The world over franchising methods help Coffee brands reach more customers and the only important factor is to replicate the brands quality and service standards to all locations. Training teams are made and recruitment is done at a central level to maintain the quality and service standards. Almost all major brands operate on a franchise model.

In India many brands are share the market, but are mostly concentrated in the metro and urban areas. Cafe Coffee Day and Barista are present nationally. Starbucks recently started their first outlet in India. Even this is a lucrative business there is much competition and challenges. Over the recent years several Cafe’s sprang up sensing in the opportunity and thus diluted the market. Many brands could not sustain the service demands of the customers and closed down. Another major problem looming is that of an economic slowdown.

People like to go out, sit with friends and talk about what is happening in the world. Friends like to meet up in some place and share their friendship. Businessmen will need a place to sit and talk. As long these basic needs are there, Cafe’s will be thronged with people. The only thing you need is to sustain the service levels and quality.  The smell should be there not only on the cappuccino cup, but also on your faces. A smile can bring you business like a Coffee.



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A lot of business can happen over a cup of coffee